13 Hours : The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi 

​After watching it for many times, I could not resist myself to review this movie.

This doesn’t seem like a movie that Michael Bay would have directed. But the minute the explosions and gunfire commences, you will know that yes, this is indeed his film. He is after all, a pro at making things blow up in style.

The fire fights are bloody and will get you right in the gut. No effort is spared in depicting the realities of a prolonged gun battle spread out over 13 sleepless, exhausting hours. The cinematography puts you right in the centre of the melee. Make no mistake about it. This is an immersive and visceral film.
“Things change fast here in Benghazi.”
Hollywood biographical war pictures are used as devices to mark significant events of terrorism, a form through which we comprehend accounts of reality and glimpse on the American psyche. Over the last few years we have Zero Dark Thirty (2012), Lone Survivor (2013), and American Sniper (2014), to name only a few. For 2016, Michael Bay leads the strain of contemporary soldiers flick in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.
This thrill riveting masterpiece not only captivated the lives of these six soldiers and the people trapped between this battle between the Libyan rebels, but Michael Bay did an excellent job with his use of guns and sound system that he always does so well. 

This is a masterful film in almost every aspect and certainly in every way that truly matters. Maybe knowing the real life set up and cover up to these events helps elevate the appreciation of what hits the screen but the film holds up well even if a viewer is unaware of world affairs. The premeditated, brutal attack in 2012 on two United States installations in Benghazi, Libya is a dark chapter in not only the war on terror but in U.S. history in general. Expertly depicting the events surrounding those attacks with such tension and emotion is a credit to this film and those that made it. This includes the remarkable cast who each were superb in their roles. 

And since I am a war movie fan, so this movie has made up to my expectations.

Umashankar Pati.


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